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Brains or Beauty?

I’d rather be extremely good-looking. I’m already pretty intelligent, and even if I didn’t get to keep that, maybe I’d be so dumb I didn’t know I was dumb. Whatever, just make me hot. Why? Because I’m vain. And I’m … Continue reading

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16 Again

There’s a magical combination of freedom, physiology, and psychology that allows for this window of time when you can actually be whatever you want. Continue reading

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Maybe her parents weren't so bright…

Doorn River Waterfall, Northern Cape She gripped the wet cliff face and scanned ahead for the rest of her party. She was hanging precariously above a big waterfall. She pried her fingers one-by-one and shuffled her feet along ledges to … Continue reading

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What I Lost and Want Back

:: You are MY sunshine, my ONLY sunshine :: Passion. I used to be passionate about so many things–volunteering, communicating, helping, doing, loving, being, learning, knowing, going. I wonder why that ended, and I wonder if it is possible to … Continue reading

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