Laundry Inspiration

I will never enjoy doing the laundry. Ever. I know this. I am at peace with this. But I must say I was super excited that our new house has a real laundry room. It is even painted a fantastic mossy shade of green.

Lately I have been trying to get it “finished” … meaning uncluttered and set up for efficient washing and folding. ¬†What is with this sudden interest in housewifey-ness? Well it seems to coincide with bouts of crazy productive energy and long, long lists of things that need doing before the baby gets here. My friends say this is nesting.

Whatever it is I am all gung-ho about the laundry room and here is what is inspiring me:

Loving this drop-leaf table for folding

This laundry sorter has a table-top!

So now all I need for my laundry room is that wire shelving, the drop table, the hamper/sorter, a rug, some wall art, a CD player… Oh yeah, and Hubby, to put it all together ūüėČ


**both photos from**

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Apple Donuts

An Easy Peasy snack

So around my house we try to eat a lot of fruit and veggie snacks. I wish I were the uber-creative mom that spends the extra time to arrange carrot sticks into a park scene or some such. Alas, that is just not me, at least not lately.

However there is one family snack that is always a hit, and impresses friends on playdates, too: apple donuts. I would love to take credit for inventing this treat (thank you, thank you) but really all credit goes to my mother-in-law here. She is so NOT the lazy housewife model, in case you wonder. She created this for her two boys and I learned of it after she fed it to Tike. And Tike loved it.

You ready for this doozy of a recipe? Here goes:

Core an apple
Peel it (I skip this step)
Slice it cross-ways to make ‘donuts’
sprinkle cinnamon on top (optional)

*Also works great for pears

Tike will eat an ENTIRE piece of fruit in this manner. Good mom gold star.

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Book Reviews

A good friend of mine, and fellow word snob, has been keeping a blog of all the books she reads this year. I love it. Brilliant. To encourage her I told her I’d let her know what I have read. Being exhausted pregnant and working on new-house projects, it didn’t seem like a bulky enough project to share with the world. My reading has been awfully limited lately. And then there’s the fact that my books are still packed away (SADFACE) so a lot of what I’ve been reading is Twilight repeats.

Anyway, Hubby and I read together (I read, he listens) before bed and during car trips. Thanks to that project, and a few roadtrips in recent history I have two, count’em TWO books to report on. And please don’t judge me based on these books, I swear my reading horizons are far broader… it simply comes down to finding a genre or two that Hubby and I both enjoy. Can you tell where the middle is for our tastes?

1- The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
A sequel to “The DaVinci” code… This time based in D.C., using Freemasonry as the symbol catalyst, and one creepy-ass bad guy to get the ball rolling. On the one hand, Brown can spin a tale. ¬†He is a great builder of intricate, weavy details of the sort that make you mind-boggled when you try to imagine planning it out as a writer.

On the other hand, his writing STYLE… still drives me bat-shit crazy. The number of times he repeats himself make me want to stab his eyeballs. The map leads to a spiral staircase descending hundreds of feet into the earth, ending at a location containing all the secret wisdom of the Masons? Really? I had no idea, because I wasn’t reading 2 pages ago, or 3. Or 6. Or 7, 9, 12, 15, 18, 20, etc., etc…. I swear to you, if he cut all that out, the books would be half as long.

Also, his characters’ trait continuity seems to lack, simply so that he can write more fluff that actually makes no sense coming from any one of his otherwise “intelligent” characters. Someone who runs black operations for the CIA with an iron fist and a hole in her throat does not suddenly need reassurance from anyone on a professional level. Someone who is a brilliant professor and world-renown expert on something does not continuously deny something he has witnessed for himself… ugh. I wonder if he gets paid per word…

Okay so- good story, bad writing. Pretty much par for the course when it comes to Dan Brown.

2- The Silent Sea, by Clive Cussler
I love Cussler’s novels because he brings in so much ¬†historical and archaeological detail you feel like you’re learning something while you’re reading a novel. Who knows if any of it is true, who cares? This book was good fun, following the crew of the ship ‘Oregon’ battling some Argentine militia on increasingly involved levels of the military and political arena and into the realms of morality/patriotism/idealism/ethics. Sometimes the action scenes are crazy hard to follow. Sometimes the history gets a touch tedious. One particular chapter creeped me out into the realm of insomnia, but I will blame that on my oddly gore-averse pregnancy brain. There was a small loose-end or two, but nothing so drastic as to take away from the overall story. Which was good. Plus, he writes geeks well, gold star!

Bibliophile out,

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I [heart] the Interwebz

I love the Internet…
Need a new font? A recipe card template? Party game ideas? Crafts for your Mom’s group newsletter? Pictures for a random project?Oh, and you’re not about to pay for any of it? Check, we got that.

Can I just say that I completely borrowed every idea for Tike’s upcoming 4th birthday party from various websites, including invitations, decorations, and activities. I even paid for some stuff (prizes, supplies, and favors) without leaving my couch.

I am a pregnant, lazy slacker. But my kid’s party is gonna rock!

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Procrastination FTW!

The Bad Housewife is back. And you know why? Because I love procrastinating, and I have a house FULL of boxes staring me down begging to be unpacked.

Yep, Hubby and I bought a house. WOOT!

You know what else? Right in the middle of the buying process we found out we’re having another baby!! So I didn’t have to do any heavy lifting or anything. Seriously, though, moving still sucks. This house is way awesomer than our rental, and some great friends really came through to help us get moved. But I still have mounds of cardboard just waiting for me… And any energy I may have pretended to have in the past, is so gone right now.

My current day consists of trying to sleep in as much as Tike will allow, then getting up and trying not to puke. Then I stare at the computer for a while catching up on my fabulous social e-life (puh!) trying to get my a** in gear. Then I go back and forth unpacking and feeling guilty about not playing with Tike. I take a lot of breaks. I look at the little progress I made, and consider a bonfire. Lather, rinse, repeat.

It only took me a week to get my kitchen in functioning order so we are done with the take-out food portion of the move. So what could be better for my unpacking plans than re-committing to more interwebz fluff? Seriously.

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Random Moment

Follow that link for a 99 cent photobook with NO SHIPPING. The deal is, if you share the link on your facebook page, you get a coupon code for the deal. It looks like the code is good for a week or two, so get on it! Only 5000 books…

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Brains or Beauty?

I’d rather be extremely good-looking. I’m already pretty intelligent, and even if I didn’t get to keep that, maybe I’d be so dumb I didn’t know I was dumb. Whatever, just make me hot.

Why? Because I’m vain. And I’m alright with that.

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Impermeable Layers

I walked today. And ate fruit for breakfast. I’m feeling good today, I’ve already gotten quite a ¬†bit done. The weather is overcast and cool and I am appreciating that. I could definitely move back to PNW, I think. (I wish!)

Oddly, though, I am feeling super social right now. And what, you ask, am I going to do about it…Well. ¬†Harumph. Not much, unfortunately, except blog about it.

My BFF has, you ¬†know, a day job, plus is probably not feeling well today. My other BFF is in the UK with her family for a baptism, a wedding, and a funeral. How’s that for a packed vacation? And even if none of that were true, they live 12 and 3 hours away, respectively. Why the eff don’t I have friends out here? Well, I am working on it. I have friends with kids whom I can arrange a playdate with. Maybe at some point they’ll be friends I can call up spontaneously to see if they want to go shopping or hang out or something.

What is it about adult life that seems so impenetrable? I am thinking of women I know here, and their routines ¬†and everything they do every day that makes it feel necessary to plan ahead most of the time. Is it just my perceptions, or is it kind of true? Part of it is feeling comfortable enough not to feel like “Holy crap, someone’s coming over, I have to scrub the house.” I don’t have that problem with my BFFs. But almost anyone else… and I am sure it goes both ways.

Gr. Anyhoot. I feel quite accomplished and it isn’t even lunch time. At some point Tike will come home from his grandparents’ house and hopefully, I won’t lose my momentum. I have been letting him watch way too much TV, in part because ¬†I was so tired. Maybe we will tear up magazines together. Have fun, cross something off the ‘TO DO’ list, good plan. I think I’ll keep it.

I also decided how to deal with some people in my life who need to be at arm’s length for a while. I knew it was something I needed to do, but actually doing it has been causing me some anxiety. I think I finally came up with a way to handle it that will not burn bridges¬†unnecessarily¬†but will still allow me some breathing room (and growing room?).

And finally, there’s another camping trip on the horizon. With the sick BFF. We’re meeting in the middle, near redwoods and the beach. We have arranged a long weekend, and I can’t WAIT! It might be rainy… oh well.

Okay, I am going to try to do something useful with this bizarre social energy… wish me luck.

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16 Again

So, I’m quite behind the times with this, but here I am catching up. Thanks to a Plinky prompt, which was then answered by quite a few bloggers, I got to thinking about my sixteen-year-old self.

I occasionally feel wistfully nostalgic about my life at sixteen. There are lots of reasons to wish it back [and lots for which to be grateful I’ve outgrown it]. In recent history, though, there is one thing more than any other that makes me long for 16 again– Taylor Lautner.

Yup, I said it [wrote it?]. The teenaged werewolf from that movie which shall not be named makes me wish I could go back to teen-hood. I have reasons; Not the least of which is feeling vaguely less lecherous admiring his buff-ness. But really it’s more symbolic than that.

Let me attempt a nutshell explanation. Taylor was cast in Twhiny Movie #1 back when they thought it may not be super successful and they weren’t yet worried about sequel continuity in the actors. After it was a big hit, there was talk amongst whoever is in charge of whatever it is in movie land that Taylor would in no way be able to portray the same character in Movie #2 since said character becomes huge: tall, buff, strong. Well, 16-year-old Taylor heard about this and decided to prove these so-and-so’s wrong! And how!

Only when you’re 16 can you decide and execute a plan like this. There’s a magical combination of freedom, physiology, and psychology that allows for this window of time when you can actually be whatever you want. When my high-school sweetheart had his 16th birthday, I wrote in his card that in some religions it is believed that the gods are sixteen forever. It’s because of that magic, I think.

So if I could go back to myself at 16 and give myself some advice it would be:

-Adults always say teenagers act like they are invincible and know everything. While it may not be entirely true, it isn’t your job to placate the adults. Figure out who you want to be and start working on it NOW.

-In that vein; write a lot more, keep reading voraciously, find a few active things you really love and do them a lot. Nothing beats developing these habits here and now. It’s a lot easier than trying to change later.

-Sometime in the next few years your confidence will drain away, and you will start second-guessing most things that cross your mind. Try not to let this happen. And if it happens anyway, pay attention to when and why, so you’re better prepared to fix it.

-You know that you are fantastic and special and a good friend and person. Hold on to that, it is invaluable self-knowledge.

-You’re embarking on your senior year, getting ready for college next. You think you might want to be a teacher, but don’t be so quick to declare your major. You have a lot to learn about yourself while you’re learning about the world.

-And it’s okay to consider how much money you’ll be making in your future career. Money isn’t the most important thing in life, by far. But there’s no shame in having some.

-Cherish your friends. Life is about to get nuts-o, and they’re the ones who help you stay sane ūüôā

I wonder if I woulda listened to myself. But here’s what I wish I knew then.

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Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake is a meadow. Supposedly in the spring time it’s a lake once more, but I am beginning to doubt the rumors. I was there a few years ago, pretty sure it was summer, and it was definitely a lake. A very reflective one.

Apparently we used to dredge the sandy silt from the bottom of the lake every year. [By ‘we’ of course I mean people who lived before I was born, and even before my parents were born, to whom I have no connection except that once they too stood, dwarfed and amazed, in Yosemite Valley.] This served two functions: first it provided sand for the icy winter roads in the area, second it cleared out the lake floor of new buildup, thereby¬†[unnaturally]¬†keeping the lake at about the same depth for decades.

We [the very same] stopped dredging in 1971. So the silt has been building up as nature intended since then and slowly but surely Mirror Lake is turning into a meadow. We [this time I mean me, and my family] saw it on Saturday. We took my dad, a Yosemite first-timer, for a Valley Floor hike and tour and one stop was the lake. I mean meadow.

It was so shocking to see a sandy-floored flood plain with shrubs and trees, and just the slightest trickle of a creek flowing through. You think about how long it has taken to create Yosemite Valley, how many glaciers and rock falls and waterfalls had spent centuries crafting it. Then you see Mirror Lake Meadow (will this be its somewhat nonsensical name in a few more years?) converting almost before your eyes.

Rockfall creates damn across the river; river pools into a fairly mellow lake; river washes sand and rocks into the lake, which are stopped by the rock dam; and VOILA! lake becomes a meadow. How long until the meadow becomes a forest with a river pushing through it, falling over an old rock dam?

Mother Nature kicks ass.

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