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Neat Trick: a mommy PSA

Um, did you know that skinny pretzel sticks are the PERFECT size for threading Cheerio-like cereal onto? Yeah. Me too. Suddenly snack time for Bean is way more interesting and less screamy. In case you need elaboration: these super skinny … Continue reading

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Um, hi

So it hasn’t been NEARLY as long as I thought since I’ve written but still, too long. My bad. Bean was born, and at almost exactly the same time (4 days later, actually) Tike started swim lessons and soccer practice. … Continue reading

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Random Product Review

Why? Because I just cleaned my bathroom, inducing a few random contractions and some sheer exhaustion. So I am going to sit here and catch my breath a minute. Cleaning is house-wifey, gold star. Product: KABOOM Foam-Tastic So this is … Continue reading

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Summer Haiku

nothing better than a juicy peach and iced tea this hot summer day

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Caring Meals- Intro

Belonging to a mom’s group has been a huge blessing to me. And I do NOT throw that word around lightly. At all. I have [finally] made friends, Tike has buddies and social skills, and I have a community of … Continue reading

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Random Moment Follow that link for a 99 cent photobook with NO SHIPPING. The deal is, if you share the link on your facebook page, you get a coupon code for the deal. It looks like the code is good for … Continue reading

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Brains or Beauty?

I’d rather be extremely good-looking. I’m already pretty intelligent, and even if I didn’t get to keep that, maybe I’d be so dumb I didn’t know I was dumb. Whatever, just make me hot. Why? Because I’m vain. And I’m … Continue reading

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Impermeable Layers

“Holy crap, someone’s coming over, I have to scrub the house.” Continue reading

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16 Again

There’s a magical combination of freedom, physiology, and psychology that allows for this window of time when you can actually be whatever you want. Continue reading

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Use it or Lose it

My words are failing and I can’t help but think it’s because I am not using them enough. Somehow it was easier to commit to the gym for three months than it is to commit to writing for a week. This is … Continue reading

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