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Um, hi

So it hasn’t been NEARLY as long as I thought since I’ve written but still, too long. My bad. Bean was born, and at almost exactly the same time (4 days later, actually) Tike started swim lessons and soccer practice. … Continue reading

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Laundry Inspiration

I will never enjoy doing the laundry. Ever. I know this. I am at peace with this. But I must say I was super excited that our new house has a real laundry room. It is even painted a fantastic … Continue reading

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Use it or Lose it

My words are failing and I can’t help but think it’s because I am not using them enough. Somehow it was easier to commit to the gym for three months than it is to commit to writing for a week. This is … Continue reading

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I’m secure enough in my vanity to admit it. Continue reading

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Write Now

sometimes, it’s just time. Continue reading

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I struggle with being present. This struggle has affected me in countless ways (mostly countless because I am sure there are many ways it affects me which I am not aware of). It means my memory can be pretty sucky. … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Pet

I have always been decent in school. I rarely struggled with any subject, even in college. I was that kid who didn’t study much because I usually had a good enough grasp to get a ‘B’ anyway. Hate me all … Continue reading

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