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More Word Vomit from an ACON

So this Narc mom drama has been much on my mind still. She’s still making my sister’s brain spin in angry, sad circles. I still struggle daily with remnants of habits learned in my childhood. I’m learning to be a … Continue reading

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Neat Trick: a mommy PSA

Um, did you know that skinny pretzel sticks are the PERFECT size for threading Cheerio-like cereal onto? Yeah. Me too. Suddenly snack time for Bean is way more interesting and less screamy. In case you need elaboration: these super skinny … Continue reading

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Um, hi

So it hasn’t been NEARLY as long as I thought since I’ve written but still, too long. My bad. Bean was born, and at almost exactly the same time (4 days later, actually) Tike started swim lessons and soccer practice. … Continue reading

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Apple Donuts

So around my house we try to eat a lot of fruit and veggie snacks. I wish I were the uber-creative mom that spends the extra time to arrange carrot sticks into a park scene or some such. Alas, that … Continue reading

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I [heart] the Interwebz

I love the Internet… Need a new font? A recipe card template? Party game ideas? Crafts for your Mom’s group newsletter? Pictures for a random project?Oh, and you’re not about to pay for any of it? Check, we got that. … Continue reading

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Procrastination FTW!

The Bad Housewife is back. And you know why? Because I love procrastinating, and I have a house FULL of boxes staring me down begging to be unpacked. Yep, Hubby and I bought a house. WOOT! You know what else? … Continue reading

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I struggle with being present. This struggle has affected me in countless ways (mostly countless because I am sure there are many ways it affects me which I am not aware of). It means my memory can be pretty sucky. … Continue reading

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Gold Star

Hubby has been working at the same place (the county) for over two years. About two months ago, he transferred to a new (fancier) job in a different department. His new (fancier)┬áboss is fantastic. I think this even though Hubby … Continue reading

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