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More Word Vomit from an ACON

So this Narc mom drama has been much on my mind still. She’s still making my sister’s brain spin in angry, sad circles. I still struggle daily with remnants of habits learned in my childhood. I’m learning to be a … Continue reading

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16 Again

There’s a magical combination of freedom, physiology, and psychology that allows for this window of time when you can actually be whatever you want. Continue reading

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Maybe her parents weren't so bright…

Doorn River Waterfall, Northern Cape She gripped the wet cliff face and scanned ahead for the rest of her party. She was hanging precariously above a big waterfall. She pried her fingers one-by-one and shuffled her feet along ledges to … Continue reading

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What I Miss About Home

One million shades of green (even in July) How piercing the damp, cold air is The feeling of mist Wood porches that never really dry out Moss growing between stepping stones Seeing trees in the¬†periphery¬†when you look up at the … Continue reading

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I struggle with being present. This struggle has affected me in countless ways (mostly countless because I am sure there are many ways it affects me which I am not aware of). It means my memory can be pretty sucky. … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Pet

I have always been decent in school. I rarely struggled with any subject, even in college. I was that kid who didn’t study much because I usually had a good enough grasp to get a ‘B’ anyway. Hate me all … Continue reading

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weDon’t Know

There is a FaceBook application called weRead, where you stock your virtual bookshelf with books you’ve read and books you want to read. You can see what your friends have enjoyed, and compare notes. Plus, the application makes recommendations to … Continue reading

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