Um, hi

So it hasn’t been NEARLY as long as I thought since I’ve written but still, too long. My bad.

Bean was born, and at almost exactly the same time (4 days later, actually) Tike started swim lessons and soccer practice. Then preschool at a parent co-op [at which I have to work in the classroom 3 or 4 days per month, manage their Scholastic book orders, attend meetings and trainings, read ‘homework’, clean the school, maintian the grounds… you know. The usual.]. And my mom’s group (for which I am on the leadership team) was notified that we had to move churches ASAP before this new year started, and then, you know, the new year started.

This is what I felt like for at least a month

I was going to a nursing support group at the hospital because Bean and I had breastfeeding issues, but I had to stop attending due to preschool schedule. I belonged to a spiritual discussion group that was GREAT and I LOVED, but I had to bow out because I just had too much going on and was having a break down and seriously struggling with how mothers with more than one child get ANYTHING done EVER. Like seriously, I am still catching up on laundry from the week Bean was born (over two months ago). There were a few weeks that I swear I only showered once or twice. Ew.

Did I mention I [foolishly] accepted a work-from-home part-time job weeks before my due date. And no, my client was not informed I was pregnant. Yeah, won’t be doing that again.

So anyhoodles, I scrambled and cried and drank lots of coffee and finally my life seems to be back in some sort of manageable groove and I am even able to get things done again. It really REALLY helps that Bean is a fantastic sleeper. Cause this momma is one irritable, useless, lady when she hasn’t slept.

So a lot has happened, even pre-Bean that I haven’t written about, that I think I will try catching up on here in the upcoming weeks. A sneak-preview:

-I love Pinterest and I’ll tell you why.
-Tike’s FANTASTIC 4th  Birthday.
-Tike is a MythBuster; let’s discuss.
-I’ve been inspired to streamline my life, here’s why, here’s how.
-I was right about those eucalyptus trees, hooray!
-The situation with our pets.
-More on Caring Meals from a lucky recipient.

But for now I will leave you with this:

My New Plan- how i got it together

Hubby bought me a planner of my choosing. It was way more expensive than I would have liked, but that’s because I’m a cheapskate. And it was totally worth it. I started with this idea:


Which I loved because my to-do list was rather fluid and my plan for each day had to be pretty dynamic. I would start a day with the best of intentions and then get lost in everything that was left to do, and how much I couldn’t do with a newborn who needs me… and then worry about not remembering to back around to something, forgetting priorities, getting sidetracked by unfinished projects I came across… I was a mess. Post-it note To-Do list was great, I hate scratched out, eraser-blurred, arrows-pointing here and there. But I needed something a bit more concrete, so I put it in this planner which has monthly and weekly views, dinner planning spaces, a spot for goals, errands, you name it. I color-coded my stickies to reflect what area of life something was for: work, pre-school, moms group, house/family errands, etc. This way I could see at a glance if it looked a little thin in some color and make sure I wasn’t forgetting something. Anything at SET times (soccer games, school work days, doctors appts) gets written onto the planner page.

Then at the end of each day, I can flip sideways any items I’ve completed, and move any incomplete items to another available day. This has helped TREMENDOUSLY. So obviously I have time to blog now. And take up sewing, but that’s another story for another day 😉

Later, gators!


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nature-loving, kid-chasing, housework-hating, dinner-cooking, paper-whoring, bibliophile and general dweeb.
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2 Responses to Um, hi

  1. lisaleslie says:

    I LOVE your style! I haven’t had a newborn in eons (youngest is 15 years old) but I so remember the lack of sleep!! Hang in there!

  2. SailorVee says:

    LOVE the planner. My newborn is now a year old but I’ve just found myself as a housewife for the first time since I’ve had a company longer than I’ve had kids. Great blog 🙂

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