Fruity Blondes

Once upon a time, I had a couple overripe bananas and absolutely no motivation to make banana bread. A FaceBook friend serendipitously posted a link that same day to an article: 100 things to do with bananas besides bread. Amazing. I browsed and perused and stumbled upon this gem on a cooking blog called Macheesmo. Chocolate, banana, and cranberry blondies.

Chocolate, Banana, Cranberry Blondies: Macheesmo

In case you are unfamiliar, blondies are similar to brownies, except instead of being chocolate-based, they are caramel based (butter and brown sugar, need I say more?). Hubby can not eat chocolate, it gives him migraines, the poor, deprived wanker. So brownies are a rare treat around here. Actually anything that involves ME baking is a rare treat, but I digress.

Since I don’t know how I feel about fruity baked goods, I decided to tweak these for Hubby. Obviously the chocolate chips were out. But I had opened a can of peaches at snack time and still had maybe half of it left. So the tweaks are as follows:

**You definitely don’t have to double-boiler the caramel like his post says, you can just nuke it or heat over low– go slow if you’re new at this**
Sub 1/2 cup butter for 1/2 cup peach can juice
omit chocolate, and use chopped up peach bits (up to half the can’s worth)
also, I never have unsalted butter, so I used regular salted butter and did away with the pinch of salt the original recipe calls for.

Mr. Macheesmo prefers his blondies still soft and gooey in the center, but Hubby does not, so I opted for the 40 minute bake time. So altogether, here is what my tweaked recipe gets me:

Fruity Blondes a la ME!

Fruity Blondes, and gold stars at home from Hubby and Tike. 🙂



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