Random Product Review

Why? Because I just cleaned my bathroom, inducing a few random contractions and some sheer exhaustion. So I am going to sit here and catch my breath a minute. Cleaning is house-wifey, gold star.

Product: KABOOM Foam-Tastic

Introducing newest innovation from Kaboom®. With color-changing technology, Kaboom® Foam-Tastic™ sprays on a blue foam and begins to penetrate deeply into bathroom grime. When it turns white, you can be sure the surface is clean. No more guesswork. Just wipe away to reveal a deep clean and a sparkling shine – with absolutely no dull residue left behind. Will not stain surfaces and leaves a fresh citrus scent.

So this is the second time I have used this product on my shower. We have the original Kaboom, which works really well on tough spots but you have to contend with the INCREDIBLY strong chemical smell, and you also have to literally put your back, arms, whole body weight into the scrubbing. So I rarely used it.

This new version is modeled after Scrubbing Bubbles, which I love, so I thought this combo was worth a  look. Well, here’s what I think:

1- The blue foam turns white after so much air contact, it seems. There is no “clean” underneath without some scrubbing. My shower is a textured insert, and I had to bust out a scrub brush to get the crannies. There was no “just wipe away”, even on the few smooth surfaces. It takes less effort to scrub than original KABOOM. It takes more effort than Scrubbing Bubbles, which truly is ‘wipe away’ in the majority of my experience.

2- Strong cleanser smell, I was surprised they call it citrus. Still not as strong as original KABOOM.

3-The very vivid blue has NOT stained anything yet, and is kinda pretty.

RECAP- Decent product, but not at all impressive. Why? Scrubbing Bubbles did it first, by a long shot. And does it better.

Review complete.


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