Caring Meals 1- pizza!

First some tips I have to start.

1) Unless you know a new mom is NOT going to breastfeed (and I do NOT suggest asking unless you are close to her) then avoid foods that carry strong flavors (spicy hot, garlicky, oniony, fishy, etc.)

2) It’s also a good idea to have someone close to the patient/new mom ask about family dietary restrictions. I, for one, would hate to put all this care, thought and planning into a delicious and creative meal the family couldn’t actually eat. In our mom’s group, the mom taking the lead to set up the delivery plan also shares if there is anything important like that to keep in mind.

3) Buy those bake-n-toss pans (recycle, actually!) so nobody has to worry about washing dishes and keeping track of people’s crockery. I am not a huge fan of disposable living, but in this case I think it’s far kinder. Especially if the pans (and other dishes) are recyclable or reusable by the family- leave a note with the meal that they need not worry about returning any cheap-o plasticware. I think the foil pans are self-explanatory.

Now for some recipes:

Yummy! Alfredo Spinach Pizza

Everybody likes pizza!
This one looks so delicious I want to eat it TONIGHT. Chicken, bacon, and spinach, with alfredo sauce. I like when there are veggies in the main part of a meal. Makes me feel better as a mom 🙂  FWIW, if I were doing this for a family with older kids too, I would include a regular pepperoni pizza with tomato sauce, or a ham and pineapple, or BBQ chicken pizza with onions and peppers. I am making this alfredo pizza in two week for our newest new mom. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. The dinner will include a pasta salad with tomatoes and cukes in it, and a brownie or blondie dessert. This mom is a nutritionist, and has had dietary restrictions throughout her pregnancy, that she no longer has to worry about, so we are all spoiling her on carbs and sweets. Too bad my family has to eat the same thing that night [sarcasm font]!

More yummy, easy, shareable pizzas:

Margherita Pizza

Chicken Club Pizza

Sausage and Broccoli Stromboli

No-Meat Stromboli


Okay, now I’m hungry.
Bon Apetit!


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2 Responses to Caring Meals 1- pizza!

  1. tj says:

    Those all look yummy! Too bad most won’t translate well into my needs. Another tip (even though I haven’t done caring meals) if someone does have dietary restrictions have the person in charge/facilitating give ideas. A vegan gluten free meal sounds hard, but can be easy to make if you have some ideas.

  2. Yeah I think it’s hard to have pizza without dairy or gluten, but you do make a good point about providing ideas when needed. Also, now that you mention it, I am sure I will be looking into DF/GF and vegan ideas at some point… It would be nice to have those somewhere and ready when it comes up, instead of freaking out. Thanks 🙂

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