Laundry Inspiration

I will never enjoy doing the laundry. Ever. I know this. I am at peace with this. But I must say I was super excited that our new house has a real laundry room. It is even painted a fantastic mossy shade of green.

Lately I have been trying to get it “finished” … meaning uncluttered and set up for efficient washing and folding.  What is with this sudden interest in housewifey-ness? Well it seems to coincide with bouts of crazy productive energy and long, long lists of things that need doing before the baby gets here. My friends say this is nesting.

Whatever it is I am all gung-ho about the laundry room and here is what is inspiring me:

Loving this drop-leaf table for folding

This laundry sorter has a table-top!

So now all I need for my laundry room is that wire shelving, the drop table, the hamper/sorter, a rug, some wall art, a CD player… Oh yeah, and Hubby, to put it all together 😉


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About theBADhousewife

nature-loving, kid-chasing, housework-hating, dinner-cooking, paper-whoring, bibliophile and general dweeb.
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3 Responses to Laundry Inspiration

  1. jennajadee says:

    my hamper sorter thingy fell apart with me one day 😀 hahha! I had hubby put extra screws in it lol

  2. EmpireWolf says:

    I want that first laundry room. If you it can I come live with you and do all the laundry?

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