Procrastination FTW!

The Bad Housewife is back. And you know why? Because I love procrastinating, and I have a house FULL of boxes staring me down begging to be unpacked.

Yep, Hubby and I bought a house. WOOT!

You know what else? Right in the middle of the buying process we found out we’re having another baby!! So I didn’t have to do any heavy lifting or anything. Seriously, though, moving still sucks. This house is way awesomer than our rental, and some great friends really came through to help us get moved. But I still have mounds of cardboard just waiting for me… And any energy I may have pretended to have in the past, is so gone right now.

My current day consists of trying to sleep in as much as Tike will allow, then getting up and trying not to puke. Then I stare at the computer for a while catching up on my fabulous social e-life (puh!) trying to get my a** in gear. Then I go back and forth unpacking and feeling guilty about not playing with Tike. I take a lot of breaks. I look at the little progress I made, and consider a bonfire. Lather, rinse, repeat.

It only took me a week to get my kitchen in functioning order so we are done with the take-out food portion of the move. So what could be better for my unpacking plans than re-committing to more interwebz fluff? Seriously.


About theBADhousewife

nature-loving, kid-chasing, housework-hating, dinner-cooking, paper-whoring, bibliophile and general dweeb.
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