My gym experiment has come to a close. A week early, because I am having guests from out of town (and didn’t realize how SOON they were coming, woops!) but I am fine with that.

I am not thrilled with the results, though it wasn’t completely unsuccessful.

SUCCESS: I went almost every day I intended to go. Out of three months I skipped very few classes, and never the hardest ones. [This unstatistical statistic does not include vacation skips, which were planned and excused absences, people!]

SUCCESS: I feel different during the day when I have worked out, I feel less slug-like and somewhat more energetic.

FAIL: Even though my [workout] days started with more energy and productivity about 70% of them involved some big crash in the middle of the day. I have my theories here and will be looking into them, I had just hoped that in three months I would have gotten over it.

FAIL: Another thing I hoped would happen in three months–losing weight! Um, hello! I am secure in my vanity and can admit that appearances were the real reason I started going to the gym. I knew I wasn’t gonna turn into Aphrodite or anything, but damn. I really though putting in three months of effort like this would produce some visible results that could motivate me to keep going.

CONCLUSION: I will let my membership expire next week without renewal. I will start walking again with a friend. At least 3 days a week, preferably 5, we’ll see when I talk to her. This will still involve waking up early-ish to catch the cool weather and do our 2.8 miles. Gr.

In other news, my copyediting class is almost over. I wish I could say I am doing better in the class, but that just isn’t true. However I am still passing, and thanks to a couple pass/fail assignments my grade looks better than it should. All that’s left is a bit of reading and the final. Then I will be done until next term in mid-September.

All this leads me to think it’s time for a new experiment. That’s a lie, it was other stuff that made me think it, but the timing worked out so well I’m going to put the blame there. At any rate I am going to start writing everyday. Not here, because I don’t want to burden you, beautiful interwebz, with my verbal vomit. If I write something un-vomiticious, I may share. But I have enough resources at hand that taking 30 or 60 minutes every day to write something is not a big deal. The only thing standing in the way is me, so let’s fix that.

This experiment comes with no membership and therefore no finite expiration date. I will aim to make it until my next class starts at which point I will simply re-evaluate.

I would also like to say I WROTE and SOLD a slogan! Someone actually paid me for something I wrote. Serioulsy. SERIOUSLY! Holy Crap. This is one of those ‘other things’ that contributed to the creation of my writing experiment. But dang, I am super proud of that. Really, really. Go me!

Enough for now, kids.
Much love,


About theBADhousewife

nature-loving, kid-chasing, housework-hating, dinner-cooking, paper-whoring, bibliophile and general dweeb.
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