I think the Harry Potter books are genius. The movies are fabulous, too.

I still tear up magazines and make collages with the pieces. I try to pass it off as an activity I do with Tike, but that’s a fib.

I am easily addicted to SIM-type games. A college roommate and I once stayed up until 6 AM playing one. My current time-suck is FrontierVille on FaceBook. The primary attraction in most cases is the chance to make a virtual “me.”

I would rather make art pieces for my home than buy them.

Though I would never actually own them, I think the super cutesy shabby/country type decor (think curly-haired wooden doll signs with painted gingham dresses and red cheeks) is usually adorable.

I know how to replace a hard drive.

I read The Mists of Avalon and loved it. And now love Arthurian legend. Although the Avalon version is the standard against which I measure.

My Google-fu is strong.

I want to read the classics, but mostly out of guilt.

My sister gave me a Queen Amidala doll one Christmas.

I dream of living on a farm.

MythBusters, Whale Wars, Merlin, The Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, The Tudors (for the fake history), True Blood (for the hideous accents)


About theBADhousewife

nature-loving, kid-chasing, housework-hating, dinner-cooking, paper-whoring, bibliophile and general dweeb.
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One Response to Dweeb

  1. Anything I could say to this, would be hypocritical. Except, do you dream of living on a farm, or a commune? And I never could get into mist of avalon. But I love Arthurian legends. Except, I have a hard time getting into many of the books. Too long and slow. I like action. And figthing. And blood and death. From the first page.

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