The Great Outdoors

We’re going camping!! I don’t even mind that I had to spend an entire day washing and folding laundry. Camping, camping, camp-ING!

I think the only downer is that I have to study, but at least I get to study in the trees 🙂 Plus with my new netbook, once my studying is over I can, perhaps, start in on writing my novel 😉

Trees, a lake, camp fires, smoky food, bright stars… I CAN’T WAIT.

I had a helluva time trying to figure out what we are going to do about dinner tonight. We have a two hour drive as soon as Hubby gets home from work. Maybe two and a half. We could grab fast food about half an hour from home. Okay, but EW.

Seriously, what a way to start a camping weekend–with greasy food tummy. ugh. No thank you.

I am not a huge fan of sandwiches, and all the fixin’s we got right now are packed up for camping. There’s always PB&J.

So, I take to the interwebz and search my guts out for some inspiring, delicious, eat-in-the-car meal. A wrap, a burrito, something. I found out the world’s largest fiddle resides in a town on our route (Fiddletown, if you can believe it). I discovered that Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives has been nowhere near my town, tonight’s route, or our campground (okay–no shocker there).

I got some great tips, like kids can use tin foil to make/mold neat shapes and occupy themselves for about 8 seconds on a car trip. Or drivers shouldn’t eat salad in the car (oh WOW), and they should spread a napkin in their laps and have an extra one handy while they do eat and drive. There are even tips about avoiding traffic tickets (like, perhaps, obey the law…?).

The interwebz is full of fabulous, useful, neat information. Except when it comes to eating in the car–something I thought almost EVERYONE does. I guess there’s always PB&J.


About theBADhousewife

nature-loving, kid-chasing, housework-hating, dinner-cooking, paper-whoring, bibliophile and general dweeb.
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