Gold Star

Hubby has been working at the same place (the county) for over two years. About two months ago, he transferred to a new (fancier) job in a different department. His new (fancier) boss is fantastic. I think this even though Hubby has been working overtime like crazy recently, gearing up for the budgetary hoopla thanks to the new fiscal year, or something. And he is not even done with the stupid crazy overtime.

Hubby’s new boss is so great because she makes sure her staff knows they are doing good work, EVERY time they are doing good work. Hubby’s schedule changed with the new job, plus it’s a lot more mentally taxing. He has been pretty exhausted since the switch. But he still loves what he is doing, and looks forward to it. Because he knows his work is helping and that people appreciate it. His old boss only gave positive feedback during staff review time, and then only grudgingly. Hubby was rarely in a good mood on work days.

When your only gig is working at home, raising kids and keeping house, you don’t get quarterly reviews, or staff appreciation luncheons. Your work doesn’t necessarily come into the view of more than a handful of people most the time. And then, if you’re doing your job well, it’s rare that they’d notice. You often only realize someone’s work as a homemaker if they are failing terribly at something; there is mud on the walls and the kids are chasing each other with cutlery.

We all have our moments when these things happen, in one way or another, but not usually in front of company [shhh!]. Today, the dog ate one of our chickens. See? But it didn’t happen at a neighborhood barbeque, so hopefully I won’t be judged too harshly. Especially since it was Hubby’s fault (indirectly, at least. Really it was the dog’s fault).

Anyway, my point is that if you know a professional homemaker, full- or part-time, notice. Say something if you’re impressed. AND if you’re lucky enough to be married to one of these types, appreciate it. You don’t need to give written reviews or 1-to-5 stars (though you could if you felt super overachievery) but noticing that you always have clean laundry, or hot meals, or sparkly bathroom fixtures would go a long way in helping us to see the value in what we do. Especially since we don’t get to clock out.


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2 Responses to Gold Star

  1. TJ says:

    What you do is valuable. If the only thing/person/creature to die on your watch is a chicken, then that is success. 5 pretty shiny gold stars for you!

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