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I think the Harry Potter books are genius. The movies are fabulous, too. I still tear up magazines and make collages with the pieces. I try to pass it off as an activity I do with Tike, but that’s a … Continue reading

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A Degree in Arts

My degree is in the Art of English. The editing courses I am taking are an extension of this. Last week’s assignment had me SO excited when I saw that I scored 100%. And then I read that as was … Continue reading

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Rock Star x2

Level One: Using my favorite(for now) CD,  it takes 4 songs to get from my house to Hubby’s work, 2 from the in-laws’ to the gym, & 3 from home to the parenting class. The first four songs on the … Continue reading

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I struggle with being present. This struggle has affected me in countless ways (mostly countless because I am sure there are many ways it affects me which I am not aware of). It means my memory can be pretty sucky. … Continue reading

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The ONE good thing about vault toilets:

no backsplash

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The Great Outdoors

We’re going camping!! I don’t even mind that I had to spend an entire day washing and folding laundry. Camping, camping, camp-ING! I think the only downer is that I have to study, but at least I get to study … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Pet

I have always been decent in school. I rarely struggled with any subject, even in college. I was that kid who didn’t study much because I usually had a good enough grasp to get a ‘B’ anyway. Hate me all … Continue reading

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I am torn right now. I unfairly exploded at Hubby this weekend about some things that have been frustrating me in my attempts to keep the house neat-ish. Specifically, his failure to put his clothes in the hamper 2 feet … Continue reading

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Gold Star

Hubby has been working at the same place (the county) for over two years. About two months ago, he transferred to a new (fancier) job in a different department. His new (fancier) boss is fantastic. I think this even though Hubby … Continue reading

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Productive Avoidance

There is camping in my near future. This is fabulous news. Not only do I get to spend a couple days with trees, lakes, the family, and a camera, but I also get to write off any chores next weekend. … Continue reading

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